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A website for collectors looking to buy or sell great memories
A website for collectors looking to buy or sell great memories

About the Sellers - The Barry Jason Collection

As a lifelong career piano man & singer, one of the most difficult things for me was to take requests & perform John Lennon songs the week of his death. I wasn't in the tribute mood yet.   The emotions were still too fresh & alarming. 
Like thousands of young boys growing up in the early 60's, after having witnessed the appearance of the Beatles on the "Ed Sullivan Show", my life changed forever .  My classical piano training starting at the age of 5 & continuing up until 12, had now been diverted into a more pop & contemporary sound with the Beatles leading that charge.   I, along with many other young musicians, had now an entire new & exciting influence for getting into rock n' roll.   The Beatles arrival in this country on Feb. 7th, 1964 seemed almost cosmic like.  It could still not be explained how,  2 days later appearing on that Ed Sullivan show, there was not one crime committed in the entire country during that 8:00 pm Sunday evening. .
My local music career has incorporated early rock n roll as a teenager, & evolved into a solo piano man / singer , playing the local & restaurant / lounge scene throughout N.J.   All along the way I have always collected anything Beatles.  
I have accumulated an extensive variety of vinyl LP's,  45's, books, magazines, posters, newspapers & an assortment of miscellaneous gems.   All of my collection has been professionally protected & preserved.  
It is slowly that time for me to part with a treasure trove of my private collection to people who can truly appreciate & share in this Renaissance period of pop culture.   
I will continue to post some truly fabulous artifacts & collectables each week.   Love & peace to all;   mixed in with a lot of harmonies, melodies, infectious personalities, & optimism from THE BEATLES.
Barry Jason