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TROUSER PRESS MAGAZINE COLLECTION (Formerly Trans-Oceanic Trouser Press) Punk Magazines


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Here’s a real find! 81 of the 96 issues published of the legendary Trouser Press magazine, one of the most esteemed publications regarding the British rock scene.

This includes many of the hard-to-find early issues, and you rarely see them in this condition. A look at the auction sites will show the resale price on individual issues is a real eye-opener! The entire collection goes to someone who appreciates them. A great opportunity to fill in holes in your collection and trade or sell the rest.

They includes issues: 5, 8 – 10, 12 – 33, 35-46 (Two copies of #46), 47 – 51, 53 – 55, 57 – 75, 77 – 80, 82 – 85, 88, 90, 91, 96

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