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A website for collectors looking to buy or sell great memories
A website for collectors looking to buy or sell great memories

Elvis Presley - ORIGINAL 45 - Baby Let’s Play House/ I’m Left, You’re Right , She’s Gone


Elvis Presley ORIGINAL Sun Records 45 for Baby Let’s Play House/ I’m Left, You’re Right, She’s Gone. 

Through research, this contains all the bells and whistles of an authentic Sun 45. 

1. The Memphis pressings, except for “Mystery Train”, have three ¼ inch circular push marks around the center hole, forming a perfect triangle which it does.
2. On the originals, the b side title spacing is not accurate.
3. The most certain way of distinguishing the original 1950’s issues from subsequent re-issues is to look at the last two digits of the serial number in the trail-off———the 72 on the first 4 Suns on the originals, the last 2 digits are approximately half an inch from the other numbers This also is correct.

 After looking up the value of an authentic Sun of Baby, Let’s Play House they vary from $1600 - $2400 if they are mint.

1. There is a crack at the very beginning trail before the song starts on both sides.
2. Baby Lets Play House- played all the way through. the usual Sun Records hiss. Due to the beginning crack slight skip on first notes.  See pics- Sun Aside, 1,2,
3 Baby let's Play House shows the punch holes to confirm original Sun       
4. I'm Left You're Right, She's Gone - played all the way through with no skip at the beginning. Less crack as shown 

For the first time collector of Sun, it is a start or a filler for the person that is collecting all 5 until they find a mint copy.


Reduced from $400 to $375