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Check out our 4th of July Sale!!
Check out our 4th of July Sale

The Beatles - 2 Decks of Playing Cards with Beatles Photos


Two decks of open but complete playing card sets, each in very good condition.

First deck:

Each card features a classic photo of The Beatles performing, clowning, or relaxing.  Traditional card deck.  Open but all cards included and in very good condition.  The back of the cards features a color photo of The 4 Beatles from the late 1960s.  Worldwide Co, 2004.  Designed by Nicky Bird Design 2004.  These are often sold as singles, but finding the entire deck is rare.

Second deck:

"Official" Beatles playing cards feature 53 illustrations from the Apple archive.  Manufactured by Aquarius in 2009.  The box shows a little wear but the cards are in very good condition.