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A website for collectors looking to buy or sell great memories

The Beatles - Vinyl Trio #11

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Triple your listening pleasure with this 3-pack of LPs from The Beatles.

"Something New" is the third Capitol LP release and fifth American album release overall by the band, following the United Artists release of A Hard Day's Night. Originally scheduled for 1 August 1964,[2] the album was rush-released on 20 July 1964, ten days after the British release of A Hard Day's Night. The album includes eight songs from the original British release of A Hard Day's Night, as well as the tracks "Slow Down" and "Matchbox" from the Long Tall Sally EP and the German-language version of "I Want to Hold Your Hand".

This Capitol stereo release from 1964 is FACTORY SEALED, although it does have a sizeable rip in the shrink wrap.  The album is in very good condition.

The Beatles' Second Album is the second Capitol Records album by the English rock band the Beatles, and their third album released in the United States including Introducing... The Beatles, which was issued three months earlier by Vee-Jay Records. Following its release in April 1964, The Beatles' Second Album replaced Meet the Beatles! at number 1 on the Billboard Top LPs chart in the US.

This 1964 Capitol release from their Winchester, VA plant differs from other releases of that time period, in that it does not include running times for "Long Tall Sally" or "I Call Your Name" on Side 2, and also shown time for "You Can't Do That" is 2:23, making this release as the FIRST STEREO ISSUE.  The cover has some tape residue and a seam separation but is otherwise in good condition.  The vinyl is in very good condition.

Yesterday and Today (also rendered as "Yesterday" ... and Today in part of the original packaging)[2] is a studio album by the English rock band the Beatles. Released in the United States and Canada in June 1966, it was their ninth album issued on Capitol Records and twelfth American release overall. Typical of the Beatles' North American discography until 1967, the album contains songs that Capitol had withheld from its configurations of the band's recent EMI albums, along with songs that the group had released elsewhere on non-album singles. Among its 11 tracks are songs from the EMI albums Help! and Rubber Soul, and three new 1966 recordings that would appear on Revolver in countries outside North America.  In response to outrage from record retailers over the LP's original "butcher" cover, the LP was withdrawn and the cover replaced with a shot of the band posed around a steam trunk.

This LP is a 1975 stereo reissues from Capitol's Winchester, VA plant and has orange Capitol labels.  The album is open but the vinyl is in very good condition.  The sleeve is in good condition.