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A website for collectors looking to buy or sell great memories
A website for collectors looking to buy or sell great memories

The Beatles - Watch - Guitar Shaped Case - 1995 NIB

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This is a very handsome watch with a genuine leather band from the What Time?! company in 1995 is New in the original packaging. 

The watch features a very classy gold-colored "The Beatles" and the shape of the band.  The watch back has a colorful Union Jack background with "The Beatles England" printed over it.  The leather wrist band has the British Union Jack and "The Beatles" on one side.  The metal closure also has "The Beatles" on it.  The watch comes in a very nice black guitar-shaped case with "The Beatles" printed in white on the cover.  

The top cover pivots at the top revealing the watch inside.  Included are the original box and warranty card.  Note the watch still has the protective film over the crystal and back.

The watch is 25 years old so I'm sure it needs a new battery. However, I was unable to remove the back in order to change the battery.  Unfortunately in trying to remove the back one of the stitches on the band popped out and I scuffed the leather a bit.  It is on the underside so I added a small drop of superglue to repair the band, but you can see a small discoloration on the underside of the band.  Since I can't remove the back to change the battery, there are no guarantees that it will run, but it is still a beautiful piece of memorabilia