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A website for collectors looking to buy or sell great memories
A website for collectors looking to buy or sell great memories
Collecting and Selling Backstage Passes At Prized Value

Collecting and Selling Backstage Passes At Prized Value

You need one of two things to go backstage at a concert: a talent (singing, ability to play an instrument, strength to be a roadie, lighting or stage design talents) or to be incredibly cool. There is a rare third chance to win backstage passes for meet and greet if one avoids being overly enthusiastic or staring too long.

The type of pass you receive is determined by the group you fit into. If you are a performer, you will receive an Access All Areas (AAA) pass; those who are working will receive a "working" pass, Local Crew Pass, Photographer Pass, and so on. 

A friend/promoter/just generally an important person will receive a VIP pass, and a lucky winner or someone who has paid for a backstage experience will receive a Meet & Greet pass. Each pass below AAA reduces the space you have to maneuver around.

You might wonder if the value of these categories changes. If you're lucky, cool, or talented enough to have saved your backstage passes and collector concert tickets, you might be able to sell them for a profit—much better if they're signed.

Selling and Collecting Prized Backstage Passes

The most valuable tickets are obtained from the most historically significant concerts. Three backstage passes from the 1969 Woodstock music event were sold in 2019 by Heritage. 

Woodstock tickets are plentiful since attendees were admitted with or without tickets in the end. These tickets range in price from $125 to $500. Backstage passes to Woodstock don't come up for sale very often, which may explain why Heritage was able to sell these three passes for $3,500.

A backstage pass from a significant concert or tour, as well as the artist's signature, will increase the value of a backstage pass–for example, this Prince signed Purple Rain tour guest was sold three days after Prince's death may have influenced the bidding, resulting in the $3,499.99 sale price.

Permanent backstage passcards are required when your squad is large for backstage pass collectors. Elvis Presley made these personnel cards for his inner circle, known as The Memphis Mafia. The iconic Dr. Nick's personnel card was auctioned for $3,200 in 2015 at Julien's Auctions.

Backstage passes can be utilized to enhance the provenance of another item and be a cool item. The seller of a Jimmy Buffet autographed setlist on eBay in 2017 included their backstage pass to indicate that they were able to get the setlist signed and other things from the event to prove the setlist's provenance. 

Establishing Provenance 

The pass alone isn't enough to establish provenance; you'll need to conduct your study and verify that the story is reasonable and logical. As with any memorabilia purchase, never be hesitant to ask questions of the seller, and if anything doesn't feel right, swim away.

Backstage passes from more ordinary current performances may not be enough to fill your pockets. Justin Bieber will set you back less than $10, and Madonna will set you back less than $20. When you go to the next show, selling these backstage passes will cover your Ticketmaster expenses.


All of this is to indicate that the passes' pricing varies greatly. A new record, book, film, an artist's death, arrest, marriage, divorce, good deed, negative press, or other factors might affect a celebrity's public view and attractiveness. Buy what you love, just like any other collectible, and it will never lose value.

Collectors eager to part with their prized possessions have created Limited Edition Collectibles. There's something for everyone, from ABBA and the Beatles to Led Zeppelin. This is the place to go if you enjoy music with over 600 artists from all genres of music that provide backstage passes. At every price level, there is something for backstage pass collectors. Check the collections today! 

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