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A website for collectors looking to buy or sell great memories
A website for collectors looking to buy or sell great memories

About the Sellers - The Tom Fontaine Collection

Hi, I'm Tom Fontaine. As a collector you search different avenues to sell items in your collection as you now have enjoyed them over a period of time but now it is time for others to enjoy them as well. Selling The Collector’s Collection, which is an interesting title in it’s own right is exactly what this site is trying to do for the buyer and seller in a very convenient set sale format. I am proud I was invited to be the first seller and looking forward to see how this site will do and how it progresses.

Confidence and experience is necessary for the buyer therefore I would like to share a brief history and background as a experienced collector for the last 55 years. I have been given many opportunities for my items to be featured in several auction companies over the years and continue to be invited today. The published Beatles autograph study I did in 2004 and now my two books including an archive history of The Beatles autographs from my collection, and the first book of my current collection are all valuable tools to educate and inform.  Because of social media many people will see the site advertised but they need other collectors as well.

Contact John to get your collection featured!

I am proud I was invited to start the ball rolling with items in my collection and hope you will use this innovative opportunity to do the same.
Best of Luck to Selling The Collector's Collection

Tom Fontaine
Collector and Author