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A website for collectors looking to buy or sell great memories
A website for collectors looking to buy or sell great memories

About the Sellers - The Cindy Mann Collection

Like many young girls in the mid-1960s, Cindy was a fanatical fan of The Beatles. She obtained as may of their records as she could sweet talk her father into buying. She also obtained many of the fan magazines of the day in order to get pictures of the Fab Four. Packed away during a family move in 1970, her collection was destroyed by a fire. Over the years she repurchased most of the band's vinyl albums and a few CDs, but she was not collecting, just enjoying the music of her youth.  Fast forward nearly 30 years and Cindy was introduced to computers and Ebay by her eldest daughter and husband. Over the subsequent 20 years Cindy amassed a diverse collection consisting of hundreds of Beatles' memorabilia.

Unfortunately, Cindy passed away in 2017.  Since then her husband has been working to organize the collection which surpassed 600 cataloged items and is only fractionally completed.  Other than a few sentimental items, I am selling Cindy's collection.

Like most collections, some items are rare while others are more commonly available.  Thanks for looking and hopefully you will find an item or two to add to your collection.

Check back frequently as I'll be adding more new items regularly.