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Great Music Memories!
Great Music Memories!
The Beatles Trading Cards: What’s Their Market Value?

The Beatles Trading Cards: What’s Their Market Value?

There are quite a few different Beatles trading card sets. Some of them were released by Topps in the early 1960s, and some came after the band split up in 1970. Each set features different photographs of the band in various group and solo settings and publicity photos from their A Hard Day’s Night movie.

For example, The Beatle Diary, which features writings from the band from a given day, is also a card set. Since the value of a card depends on the market, you need to research current trends to determine its actual value. Before making a deal, buyers and sellers of different card sets need to consider card conditions.

Tracing Beatles Trading Card Set Values

You can buy more common cards for around $5, but the most sought-after cards can sell for several hundred dollars. For example, the rarest of all Beatles cards is a black-and-white set called the Beatles “A Hard Day's Night” set. About 250 of the cards were distributed. A mint set may sell for up to $200.

The Beatles Color Stickers set is the rarest among the most sought-after color cards. A mint set of these cards is worth $1,000 to $1,500. Another set of rare color Beatles cards is the Beatles Story set. Its complete set is worth about $500 to $800, but the rarest card of the collection can sell for $1,000.

Many more common color sets sell for between $10 and $20. For example, the Beatles Beatles At The Beeb set is worth $25 to $35. The Beatles British Invasion set has the same worth, but the Beatles “A Hard Days Night” set is worth $30 to $50. A mint set of the Beatles’ “A Hard Day's Night” set, released in the United Kingdom, is worth $75 to $100. The most valuable of these color sets are the Beatles Concert set. It is worth $100 to $150.

These cards feature artwork that they used to promote the Beatles' albums. The cards are either black and white or color. The black and white sets are worth about $10 to $15. The color sets are worth about $25 to $60. The most valuable of these card sets is the first Beatles album, Please Please Me. Its collection is worth about $50 to $60.

A set of Beatles trading cards released in 1977 is considered among the most collectible of all Beatles cards. EP Cards distributed them in the UK in the form of cards, stickers, and postcards are included in this boxed assortment of goodies. Each of these cards is worth about $35. The whole thing is worth between $100 and $150.

British Miller Beer distributed another set of highly collectible Beatles trading cards. The cards appear on many of the band's albums. A complete set of these cards is worth about $50 to $60.

The Beatles had several trading card sets issued in the 1980s. The Roker Record Trading Card Set is the most valued of these sets. These cards are worth $50 to $60 if they're in immaculate condition. The Wacky Packages set is the most valued of the American Beatles sets. This set of cards has been reprinted many times, so it is not worth as much as the original set. A complete set is worth about $50 to $60. The most valuable single card in the collection is worth about $20.

A more recent set of Beatles trading cards was released in 2002 by Topps. These cards are based on the movie "Let it Be," which was made from the 1970s recordings of the Beatles. A complete set of these cards is worth about $13 to $15. The rarest of the cards is worth about $4.50.


The right cards will likely fetch a high price if kept in excellent condition. However, they are few. Consequently, their prices are always higher than the price of a standard card. Knowing these market trends, a collector can make the right purchase or sale.

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