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A website for collectors looking to buy or sell great memories
A website for collectors looking to buy or sell great memories

John Lennon - Bag One Prints - Print #2

by Private

These fantastic (and controversial) lithographs are each full-size reproductions of the original hand signed set from 1970. These limited edition reprints were produced and distributed in Amsterdam by Laurens A. Daane.  The complete package features fifteen prints of original plate signed John Lennon artwork. An intriguing assortment of imagery, the featured subjects of the prints include erotic poses of Lennon with Yoko Ono along with a print featuring John's artistic interpretation of his famed Bed-In which occurred in 1969.                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Some lithographs are in black & white, and others are a brown/rust sepia                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

The Bag One series were first exhibited in 1970 at the London Arts Gallery. After the 2nd day, the exhibition was closed by Scotland Yard, with 8 of the lithographs confiscated as "indecent." Several months later, after a lengthy investigation, the case was dismissed.                                                                                                       


As one original hand signed individual lithograph will now cost you in excess of $4,000, these lithographs are a true bargain. Each lithograph features John's facsimile signature & have been produced to extremely high quality. 

The 11 prints I have for sale are all 14” x 19.5” and in mint condition.  They have always been kept in the “Bag One” envelope, and never displayed.


** To confirm these lithographs are part of the genuine set of limited edition Bag One reprints - we have included a photo of the original, numbered Bag One Envelope BUT it is not included in the offering **


** If purchasing 2 or more prints $399.99 ea.