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Great Music Memories!
Great Music Memories!

The Beatles - One Big Bundle of 12 LPs

by Private
I have 2 Rubber Souls - 1 mono on Capital (fair condition, vinyl 1 scratch, cover seams coming apart)  1 stereo on Apple (vinyl very good, cover intact with a little wear)

The Early Beatles - stereo on Capital (burgundy label)  vinyl in excellent condition, cover good condition- no tears.

Help - mono on Capital (black label w/color band) vinyl and cover in fair condition)

Beatles’65 - mono on Capital (black label) vinyl and cover in fair condition.

Revolver - mono on Capital (black label) vinyl and cover poor condition. 

Second Album - mono on Capital (black label) vinyl and cover - fair to poor condition.

Sgt Peppers - mono on Capital-west coast version has ‘A little help from my friends’ which should be ‘With a little help from my friends.  Vinyl in good condition, the cover has small seam tear on the back cover - includes color booklet inside in excellent condition.  

Something New - mono on Capital -  vinyl good condition, cover split top and bottom part way. 

Meet the Beatles - 1 stereo on Capital - vinyl very good condition, cover fair condition 2 small seam tears - 2 mono on Capital, vinyl very good on one, fair on the other. Covers fair on both.