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A website for collectors looking to buy or sell great memories
A website for collectors looking to buy or sell great memories

The Beatles - Beatles Picture Lot #3


Here is a large lot of 20 pictures of The Beatles, including a couple of standees, and small posters.  They are all in good condition, especially considering some date back nearly 50 years.

3 - 8 x 10" black & white photos of Paul Mccartney.  One has a signature in blue ink.  I do not know if the autograph is authentic.

2 8 x 10" color images, one of Paul & one of John by NEMS Enterprises from the early 1960s

2  8 x 12" color images of The Beatles, I believe performing on the Ed Sullivan Show.  These appear to be computer reproductions but are of very good quality

1  9 x 12: black & white photo of The Beatles drinking Coca-Cola from the early 1960s.  It appears to be a true photograph

1  8-3/4 x 11-3/4" color laminated photo of The Beatles, circa 1966

1  8-1/4 x 12-1/4" color publicity poster of The Beatles by NEMS in 1964.  Has some aape on top & erased writing on the bottom

1 8 x 9-3/4" color shot of Abbey Road crossing.  This appears to be a reproduction of a photo that contains autographs of dubious authenticity

1  reproduction of a pencil drawing of The Beatles with 2 different images of each Beatle.  Measures 11 x 16"

1  8 x 10" black and white photo of Paul playing the drums circa 1964

1  22 x 14" reproduction of the advertising poster for The Beatle's infamous Shea Stadium concert 

2 12 x 12" Album Cover Art printed on cardstock; one has the cover art from the Rock 'n' Roll album on both sides, and the other has the iconic Sgt. Peppers cover art on one side and a Capitol 20th anniversary image on the other side

1  12 x 15" Capitol advertising vinyl album divider.  Printed on heavy cardboard it has the album, 8-track, & cassette catalog numbers of all the Beatles albums and solo works

1 Beatles Anthology 2 Standee.  Measures 20 x 15".  The stand appears to have never been used.  Has some bending of the corners.  

1 Beatles Anthology 3 Standee.  Measures 20 x 15".  Has some bending of the corners.  

1  14 x 22" reproduction of The Beatles concert in New Orleans, Sept. 16, 1964.  The poster has some wrinkling at the edges

A nice reproduction of a pencil drawing of The Beatles in their Sgt. Pepper's costumes.  The image is 11 x 17" and it is nicely matted in a black mat measuring 16 x 20"