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Great Music Memories!
Great Music Memories!

Boston - Euro Tour 1979 - Backstage Pass ***Special Rare **The One That Started it All!!


Vintage 4 1/4" tall OTTO All Access paper backstage pass from the 1979 Boston Euro Tour. The Boston paper pass is the very first pass OTTO ever produced. They are made of paper and have a peel off sticker back like the cloth ones.

What happened was that Jack Otto came up with the idea in 1979 and approached the rock group Boston with the idea that he would make them passes without charging them for all the colors if they let him put the OTTO name and advertising on the back of them. They included their phone number. When other groups saw Boston's passes, they wanted them too and got the info off the back to call Steve Otto (son). His phone number is listed right on there. The next thing they knew, any group that was anyone wanted OTTO passes made for them too. They captured almost the entire market in just a couple of years. This is the pass that started it all!!

They were also made in a laminated version and a primitive cloth version that did not hold up well. One of these should be in every collection!!

They are unused old stock in excellent condition.