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Great Music Memories!
Great Music Memories!

John Lennon - Collection of 4 Books Related to His Art

by Private
  1. Avant-Garde Magazine # 11 “Wedded Bliss:  A Portfolio of Erotic lithographs by John Lennon” (March 1970)                                                                     
  2. "In His Own Write" by John Lennon (paperback) - first published in 1964                          
  3. "A Spaniard In The Works" by John Lennon (paperback) - first published in 1965                                                                                          
  4. "The Penguin" by John Lennon (paperback) - first published in 1966 

Rather than the musical genius we all know, these 4 items represent another side of John Lennon; the writer and artist.

And - You don't have to be a fan of the Beatles or John Lennon to enjoy these books.  His writing and sketches are light, comical, whimsical, surreal, and poetic. 

In sharp contrast to the light and comical tone of the 3 books, are John Lennon's controversial and graphic lithographs of his "Bag One" collection – reproductions of which are included in the Avant-Garde magazine.

A fun and diverse collection.  Please note that 3 of these 4 items are all well used and in worn condition