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Great Music Memories!
Great Music Memories!

Ringo Starr & Barbara Bach - 3 Magazine Issues

by Private

Not just 3 great magazines, that give an interesting perspective of Ringo "then and now"

(all in mint condition, from 1981), but a double treat in this package is the exclusive interview in Playboy Magazine, "John Lennon and Yoko Ono on Love, Sex, Money, Fame, and ALL about the Beatles." - Amazing interview.   

3 - Magazines - Ringo Star & Barbara Bach

  1. January 1981 Playboy - Barbara Bach Cover.  Mint Condition                                                                          
  2. February 23, 1981 People - Ringo & Barbara Bach Cover.  - Mint Condition                                                                         
  3. April 30th, 1981 Rolling Stone - "Taking Ringo Seriously" Cover.  - Mint Condition