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A website for collectors looking to buy or sell great memories
A website for collectors looking to buy or sell great memories
The Beatles memorabilia

Rocking Memorabilia for Beatles Fans

If you’re just getting into the Fab Four or you’re a die-hard Beatles fan, these memorabilia will make you the envy of your friends when you guys come together.

There’s a lot to choose from and they can range from pretty pricey to super affordable but we’ve created a short list of memorabilia you can choose from to impress your friends.

From vinyl sets and books, to artwork, and collectible mugs, there’s something on our list for every Beatles fan.

The Beatles - Singles Collection

Is it really a Beatles roundup without a box set? If you find yourself without one, this set gives you a starter collection of 11 of the 26 vinyl recordings. The records are in great condition  and the box includes an inventory sheet that gives you information on all the records, like their release date, when they were recorded, and their highest US chart position. 

The Beatles - Singles Collection

It’s a great way to brush up on your Beatles trivia. Never lose another game night when it’s Beatles-themed. If you’re here for gift ideas, this is also an excellent one to get for a Fab Four fanatic.



The Beatles Lyrics: The Stories Behind the Music Book


This book is a compilation of notes, lyrics and background on more than 100 classic Beatles songs. Karaoke night with a hint of insight? Perfect for any mega fan.

Authored and compiled by Hunter Davies, this lyric  book provides you with never-before-seen looks into your favorite tunes. If you’ve ever wondered who the Beatles were talking about when they sang “She’s Leaving Home?” you’ll find the answer in this book. Take a journey into the studio where these classics came together with this book.

Abbey road mug and travel tumbler

Sometimes we like things  that are more functional than some vinyl that we can play at home. This mug and tumbler set featuring different versions of the Abbey Road cover art can make you the envy of the office when you’re on your coffee break.

The Beatles - Abbey Road Ceramic Mug

It’s yet another perfect gift idea for your fan friends. Also, if you missed the Come Together song reference in the first paragraph, it’s time to return your Beatles fan card.

John Lennon Bag One Prints

If you like a little controversy and enjoy telling stories (we all secretly do), these art pieces make for great conversation during house parties or dinners. Eight of John Lennon’s pieces from this collection of 15 were even confiscated by Scotland Yard and deemed “indecent” after being displayed for about 2 days.

John Lennon - Bag One Prints

An original print will run for about $4000 these days but limited edition reprints range between $399 and $500+. These prints even include erotic poses of Yoko Ono with John. Make yourself the envy of your friends with prints from this limited edition collection.


Anything Yellow Submarine-Themed

Yellow Submarine  was on their 1966 album Revolver and any true Beatles fan knows this was the most important year in the band’s history. There are many yellow-submarine themed items to choose from like lego sets, toy submarine sets or even a Factory Sealed LP like the 1976 version we just so happen to have in stock.

The toys make great gifts for young Beatles fans while the LP is an excellent addition to your collection of Beatles paraphernalia to gloat about.


These memorabilia pieces can last a lifetime, increase your knowledge about your favorite rock band, and make you the envy of your friends. There’s way more where these suggestions came from and you can explore them on our site. Check out our memorabilia collection.

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