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A website for collectors looking to buy or sell great memories
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The Ultimate Beatles Gifts for Beatles Fans

Arguably the most popular pop band to exist, the Beatles have made an enormous impact on the world. These 4 kids from Liverpool influenced and fascinated millions of fans while making history.

Their popularity was like nothing anyone had ever seen before and they’re still popular to this day. So there’s no doubt there are millions of fans who’d love their memorabilia as gifts. It can be hard to figure out the best ones to get so we’ve narrowed it down to five for you.


You can’t go wrong with these gifts for the ultimate Beatles Fan:


  1. The Beatles Anthology

Interviews of our favorite celebrities reveal stories about them and that’s why we like to watch them. They give us snippets of their struggles, experiences and passions amongst other things we wouldn’t normally get to see.

As humans, we’re normally intrigued by stories so we tend to love when we’re gifted stories in the form of books, documentaries, films, etc.

Beatles anthology


Any fan of the Fab Four would find this gift fascinating and likeable. Which fan do you know who wouldn’t enjoy hours of the Beatles interviews all in one place?


  1.  The Beatles The Real Story Book

We know we’re basically repeating ourselves by telling you about yet another story-telling gift, but your bookworm friends would absolutely salivate over this particular gift as it gives the real behind the scenes, irreverent view of The Beatles and comes with 16 pages of photos too!

The Beatles The Real Story Book

If your giftee loves to read and is kind of nosey, this is as good a gift as any.

  1. The Beatles - Complete Chord Songbook

We all have that one gifted musician friend who strums the guitar better than you can even text. Consider this gift for them.

It seems simple but it’s also very thoughtful. It says to the recipient that you’re encouraging them to perfect their craft or even pursue their dreams.

Sometimes all we need is a little encouragement to go after what we love and this is a gentle nudge in that direction. Yoru recipient will always remember it and appreciate it.

  1. Beatles Sweatshirt

Everyone loves a sweatshirt. They’re useful and can make you look cool if you know how to pull it off.

What better way to keep the cold out on a winter day than with a cool sweatshirt from your favourite band?

Beatles Sweatshirt

Useful items are usually very well received. Plus, you’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing your $100 purchase isn’t sitting on a shelf somewhere collecting dust.

  1. Beatles Vintage Poster

This gift idea is perfect for your friend who thrives on the vintage aesthetic. Persons tend to enjoy the idea of preserving something from a lost time.

Knowing that they actually have something from a lost time makes them feel even more special.


People are most receptive to thoughtful and useful gifts. You can’t go wrong with gifting an item from this list - especially since most of these items can last forever. For more gift ideas, check out our Beatles Collection here.


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