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A website for collectors looking to buy or sell great memories
How To Take Care Of Your Vinyl Record

Snap, Crackle, Pop: How To Take Care Of Your Vinyl Record Collection

How to Keep Your Vinyl Record Collection in Top Shape

It seems like only yesterday that vinyl was being dumped carelessly on the scrap heap to free some space for cassettes and CDs. However, vinyl records have turned out to be a bit more special.

Sales in recent years reflects how vinyl records are one of a kind. We’ve seen a rise in its popularity —a remarkable achievement despite the dominance of the online streaming services. Let’s admit that one reason vinyl records lost their luster for a good amount of time is that cassette tapes and CDs were more portable, while downloadable and streamed music lets you play music on your mobile device. 

Listening to music anywhere with mobile devices

You don’t have to bring a bulky player, or worry about scratches and wear and tear. But that’s the thing about beauty —it takes a lot of work. So how can you continue your vinyl hobby with all these challenges ahead? Here are a few tips we have for you to help you keep your vinyl records in top shape.

Take Them Out and Put them Right

Vintage Vinyl Records Collection

The paper sleeves many records come in aren’t a good way to store records. The only safe sleeves are plastic sleeves, since paper sleeves can damage records chemically. Always store your records vertically without cramping them too tightly and never lay them flat or stack them on top of each other.


Hands Off Please

handling records vinyl

The number one rule when handling records is to not touch the surface. Try to touch them only where the label is and on the outer edge, in order to prevent oils from your finger from transferring to the surface of the record. The best way to hold a record is with two hands on the outside edges.


Dry Clean

Carbon Fiber Cleaning Kit for Vinyl Records

Make sure to remove all dust and static using a vinyl record brush and inspect the record for visible marks and blemishes. Use a carbon fibre brush to clean your vinyl before and after every play. 


Wet Clean

Wet Cleaning for Vinyl Records

When you want to give your records a deep clean, It is highly recommended to do some wet cleaning. Spray some cleaning solution on problem areas and wipe clean using circular movements. Make sure to rinse and dry the record after. Just make sure to use the right kind of cleaner or you might be doing more harm than good. Some manual cleaners such as those with alcohol could damage the vinyl itself.


Bring Out the Big Guns

Once you have a big collection, cleaning records by hand might be a lot of effort. If you love vinyl and you have the cash, the only way to properly clean your records is with a record cleaning machine.The main difference between manual cleaning and a record cleaning machine is that manual cleaning might move dirt around your precious vinyl record in an attempt to clean it. There is the probability that it will not remove all of it. A record cleaning machine can actually suck dirt from your record’s grooves, taking it off the record and entirely away from the area. All this while being gentle.



Are you familiar with the term CLAYGO? It means clean as you go. Who knew we can use the reference to your vinyl record maintenance too. it is very important to keep the record player stylus clean. Since it runs along the grooves of the records, it picks up any dist found there. Make sure to clean it before and after every use, to prevent the stylus from causing any damage to your vinyl.



The distinct sound, filled with surface crackle, pops, and distortion is what people love most about listening to vinyl records. There's certainly nothing else like it. Thanks for reading until the end of this post. Hopefully, this helps you with keeping your collection in the best quality possible.

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