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A website for collectors looking to buy or sell great memories

Sealed Box of Beatles Collection Trading Cards + 10 sealed packs -- FREE SHIPPING

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Nearly 30 years after Topps released several sets of trading cards honoring The Beatles, the 1993 River Group Beatles Collection trading cards were released as a career-spanning retrospective of the world’s most famous rock band.

River Group did not put out many trading card sets, but they were the first to release a set devoted to The Beatles since the initial sets of 1964. As the first post-Beatlemania release, River Group was able to cover the entirety of the band’s legendary story from the early days in the Cavern to the rooftop concert of their final days.

Each card is a full bleed reproduction of a photo from the era, many of which have been seen and used extensively in other licensed properties, and the back tells a short story related to that photograph. The checklist tells the band’s story chronologically and highlights several albums. Cards devoted to specific albums include the tracklist on the reverse but there is no continuity when it comes to whether the tracklisting is from an American or British pressing. Further, save for one picture, there is no card devoted to Sgt. Pepper while a great chunk of the checklist features shots from the Magical Mystery Tour project.  There are also small insert sets with different card designs that focus on specific aspects of the band’s legacy as well as a commemorative binder.

This grouping includes a factory sealed box containing 36 (estimate) packs/box, 10 cards/pack.  The box has some wear on the corners but is in very good condition.  Also included are an additional 10 sealed packs of 10 cards each.  These are each in very good condition.  That's over 400 colorful and informative trading cards of The Fab Four.